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So, What’s the Story?

Although officially incorporated in 2005, owner Maurice Cheng has been at this loft bed thing for years. Ironically, the
concept originated from his own need to maximize living space.

As a student at Syracuse University, Maurice faced a dilemma. The small bedroom of his off-campus apartment had
plenty of clutter, but was sorely lacking in space. His Queen-sized bed almost took up the whole room!  So he asked
himself, “How can I maximize space here to make it more livable?”. The answer was a loft bed!

After shopping around for his elusive queen loft bed at local furniture stores and online, he was disappointed in the
lack of selection and high prices considering overall value. Loft beds he found at big furniture chain stores were
terribly wobbly, borderline unsafe in his opinion.  Loft beds at local specialty stores were far more ornate than he
needed, not to mention very costly. Online, the component-style loft beds he found appeared unrefined with
questionable workmanship.

Always the creative thinker, Maurice decided to put his mind to work. Armed with paper, pencil, and calculator, he put
much thought into the design of his own loft bed. With the help of an engineer friend, he kept thinking and re-thinking
the design, continually improving its level of sturdiness. Finally satisfied, he built a small workshop in the basement of
his apartment complex and started working on what would become the very first loft bed prototype.

Once finished and assembled, friends complimented not only on its rock solid sturdiness but also called it cool and
attractive! As word spread of his cool creation, he started building loft beds for fellow students, and after a little
advertising, started to get phone calls from locals as well!

In 2004, after some years of “real world” work experience, Maurice decided to seriously pursue his loft bed business.
He greatly refined his woodworking skills and invested in a far more advanced workshop.

The business has since grown, offering nationwide shipping and evolving into an efficient, streamlined operation.
Throughout our growth, Maurice has continued to be
very hands-on, spending much of his time in the workshop, and
much other time serving customers personally. He’s made it a point to never sacrifice quality in our loft bed products
just to cut costs. In fact, countless refinements have been made since that very first prototype and all components are
still hand-made, and with an even greater attention to detail.

We believe that MC Woodworks, Inc. has set the standard in sturdiness, quality, and overall value in the component-
style loft bed market, but we want you to be the judge. Have questions or comments? We really listen to our
customers and would love to hear from you!
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