Our Standard and California King Loft Bed Models
First, make sure you know your mattress size. There are two sizes of “King” mattresses:

1) Standard King Mattress: 76”Width x 80” Length
2) California King Mattress: 72”Width x 84”Length

Standard King End-Climb Model (custom lower height)

Whichever King size you have, you already know it’s huge and eating up floor space! But maybe you’re
wondering, “Can a loft bed really be sturdy enough for this monster mattress?” Yes, of course it can!

Staying true to our formula of making some stronger components for larger sizes, our King loft bed models are
no exception.

The basic design is very similar to our smaller models, but our King loft beds have three important
(More photos coming soon!)

1) The mattress slats are even wider and stronger to accommodate the increased stress with such a large
mattress size.

2) For “End-Climb” ladder models, the ladder rungs are also strengthened by adding another 3/4” thick

3) Depending on which King size and ladder model, some triangle supports are made even larger and stronger.

We quote our Standard and California King loft beds on an individual basis.
For a quote, simply email us with:

Which size: Standard King or California King loft bed?

2) Which ladder model? The same ladder models apply to King loft beds (It's simply a matter of
the frame being bigger.)

3) Any accessories or modifications? Our standard accessories and modifications are also
available for King loft beds. Scroll down to accessories and modifications
here, and click on "?".

4) Your zip code.

Questions? Please feel free to
contact us!
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