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Loft Bed Material Comparison
- Douglas Fir (solid wood) = DF
- Red Oak Plywood = ROP

Simple explanation: Besides the difference in material appearance, an ROP loft bed is about 10% less sturdy
than a DF loft bed, but is still very sturdy and safe. Points #1 and #2 below elaborate on this. Other differences are
minor and a bit technical, but you can read about these in points #3 and #4.

If you're on a budget and willing to sacrifice just a bit in sturdiness, or simply prefer the appearance of ROP, ROP
may be a good option for you.
Material price difference
2) Material Appearance (click to enlarge photos)
Assembled loft bed is Red Oak Plywood. Pieces that are CLAMPED on (and labeled "DF") are Douglas Fir.
Douglas Fir Loft Bed
Red Oak Plywood Loft Bed
Comparison of edges
1) Sturdiness

See explanation above. To elaborate, ROP is about 15% lighter than DF, but since it's incorporated into the same
sturdy loft bed design, but also with a few reinforcements (#4 below), it's still about 90% as sturdy as a DF loft bed.
Recessed Screw Hole
4) Design and Dimensions

To partially compensate for ROP being a lighter material, we make these reinforcements to ROP loft beds:

    1) Wider Mattress Rails - The mattress rails (the wide pieces that run the length of the loft bed) are
    made 1/4" wider. This allows it to handle the same weight as our DF mattress rails. The mattress rails
    clearance (height from floor to bottom of rails) is 56 1/4" for DF loft beds, or 56" for ROP loft beds.

    2) Wider Ladder Rung reinforcements - For "End-Climb" ladder models, the ladder rungs are given
    wider reinforcement pieces. This allows it to handle the same weight as our DF ladder rungs. This has no
    effect on dimensions. (photo coming soon, but this has little effect on appearance)

    3) Thicker Ladder Legs - For hook-on ladders, we make the ladder legs 1/4" thicker. Also, DF is used for
    the steps, as solid wood is better for this purpose. The steps will not exactly match the rest of the loft bed,
    but we choose DF that looks as similar as possible to Red Oak (considering color and grain pattern).
    These modifications allow the ladder to handle the same weight as our DF ladders. (Option: If you would
    like solid Red Oak steps to match the rest of the loft bed, please contact us.)
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ROP/DF Ladder
Grade Stamp
3) Aesthetic Details in Our Production Process

For DF loft beds, all available details are included.

For ROP loft beds, there are two minor subtractions:

1) Screw Holes - All screws used in our production process are countersunk into the wood (recessed below the
surface). For DF loft beds, all of these are then concealed with wood filler. For ROP loft beds, they are not.
(Option: If you would like these to be concealed on an ROP loft bed, please
contact us.)

2) Grade Stamps - On the mattress slats (pieces the mattress rests on) and the mattress rail foundations
(pieces the mattress slats rest on):

For DF loft beds, any lumber grade stamps will not be visible. These will either be sanded out or built into a
non-visible side.

For ROP loft beds, there may be a few visible grade stamps. These are only possible just underneath the
mattress and interior of the loft bed, which is the least visible area anyway. On average, there may be about
three to four stamps. (Option: If you would like to eliminate these on an ROP loft bed, please
contact us.)