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Monthly Rates (shorter terms may be available, contact us)

Twin (Standard or XL): $25

Full: $

Queen: $

King: (contact us)

Modifications/accessories: (contact us)
Why rent or rent-to-own a loft bed? And more specifically, why an MC Woodworks loft bed?

Obvious reasons you probably already know:

  • Temporary use
  • Budget

(You know your own situation best, so not much detail needed on these points, we think.)

But then, here are some not-so-obvious reasons:

  • Convenience - Delivery, assembly, disassembly, and pick-up services are ALL performed by MC
    Woodworks (unless you choose partial service, which we'll explain when we get in touch). So, don't lift a
    finger except to contact us. Once details are settled, we'll take care of the rest so that you can rest in your
    new-to-you loft bed.

  • Try it out - Maybe you're unsure of how sleeping in a loft bed will feel, and would like to try it out in your
    room. So, instead of taking the leap in a full purchase, renting one for a trial is the way to go. And then if
    you like/love it and want to keep it, you're already one payment closer to owning it.

  • You're covered by MC Woodworks - Compared to buying a used one from an individual (e.g. off
    Craigslist, etc): Loft beds from individuals are often sold as-is and already disassembled, and despite their
    "promises", parts may be missing or there may be damages not easy to see. Also, too many loft beds out
    there are very questionable in quality and stability, which may mean you driving all over the place trying to
    find an acceptable one. On the other hand, working with us ensures a complete loft bed, fully inspected by
    us, along with a two year warranty on top of that. And as far as quality, we think our expansive information,
    experience, and expertise gives you exponentially more confidence than some random seller on Craigslist.
    Don't you think? You may also consider these points even if compared to buying a new one from

  • Personal service from Maurice - He's the owner/designer, and sometimes even the janitor. :-) All
    communication will be directly with Maurice, and we think you'll find him to be friendly, knowledgeable, and
    fair. It's cliche, but it's just the best way to put it: Maurice isn't happy unless you're happy. And think about
    it, for analogy, wouldn't it be great that if you had car trouble, that you could talk to the engineers who
    designed it? Having said this, our loft beds very rarely need repair, but for whatever communications, it's
    good to deal with someone who's directly interested in keeping you happy.

  • Support Colorado small business - Our loft beds are hand-made, one or two at a time, right here in
    Wheat Ridge, CO. Would you believe our workshop is about the size of a three-car garage? Yep. And take
    this small size as a positive, knowing that you're not just another "number" as a customer, and that your
    hard-earned money isn't going to some greedy corporate CEO. Your business also helps employ good
    Coloradans...not only ours, but by relation, our local distributors/suppliers and their employees in
    Colorado. We're not economic experts...but here's our equation: Happy Customers + Happy Employees =
    Happier Colorado. And we may not be curing all of society's ills, but maybe it's just one less unpleasant
    person you come across at the deli line at King Soopers. Something like that...

Contact us for availability. Please provide your desired:

  • Loft bed size - You may also specify Ladder Model, or we'll just let you know what we have.

  • Start and End dates - If you're unsure on either, estimates are fine for now. Also, let us know if you intend
    to rent-to-own.

  • Delivery address

Terms and conditions:

- Service Area: Within approximately 30 miles of our location (I-70 and Wadsworth Blvd., Wheat Ridge).
Exceptions may be made for borderline distances (contact us).

- Purchases of "delivery and assembly" and "disassembly and pick up" services are required, and both are due at
start of rental. Disassembly/pick up payment is securely held by us until this service is performed at end of rental
(or may be applied as part of final payment for rent-to-own situations [see below]). These services are quoted on
an individual basis. If possible, please contact us to schedule disassembly/pick-up at least one week in advance
of your desired return date.

- Monthly rental period is a full calendar month, i.e. from the 1st day to the last day of a calendar month. Rent is
due on the 1st every month. If you receive or return your loft bed on any day other than the 1st, your partial
month rent is prorated, using this method: (Monthly rent amount) / (total number of days in that month) = Daily
rent. Then, (daily rent) X (number of days you'll possess the loft bed in that month) = Amount owed for partial
month. The day you receive your loft bed counts as a rental day. The day you return your loft bed does not count
as a rental day. Partial months do not count as part of the "three month rental period" (explained below).

- Maximum rental period is three full
calendar months (this is the "three month rental period") , but you may then
renew your agreement for another three months. Your monthly rate is fixed for the three month rental period, but
since rates are subject to change, your rate may change at time of renewal. A partial month is not part of the
three month rental period (Example: If you receive your loft bed on January 15th, then January is a partial month,
and then the full months of February, March, and April is your three month rental period. Your renewal date will
be May 1st.) Although limited time rates are intended to be limited time, we may or may not extend such rates
beyond the advertised end date.

- There is $15 late payment fee for rent paid after the 1st of the month. If late and $15 is not paid by the 8th, at
our discretion, we may contact you to find a solution, or we may take steps to repossess the loft bed. If
repossession occurs, you are still responsible for rent not paid, disassembly and pick up charge, and possible

- "Rent-To-Own" terms: Your agreement will state the total price of the loft bed. For as long as you have
continued possession of the loft bed, the total price is fixed and your monthly payments will apply towards paying
off your total price. Once your payments add up to the total price, the loft bed is yours to keep. To meet the
total price, we may communicate an adjustment of your final payment before you pay (including applying
disassembly/pick up payment [already paid] towards your total price), or we may issue a partial refund once
payment is made. If you wish to expedite full payment, please contact us for options (we will accept the full
remaining due at any time, or we may accept higher payments). Delivery/assembly service is not a payment
towards your total price.

- "Rental" terms: If you return the loft bed before the total price is paid, your agreement ends and is considered a
rental. Your monthly payments are purely rental payments, not applying towards purchase of the loft bed.

- Two forms of identification are required. Both forms must show your identical full name. One ID must have your
photo, and one ID must show your address where you'll accept loft bed delivery (these two requirements can be
on the same ID, but then you still need a second ID). Acceptable forms:

  • United States driver's license
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • U.S. Military ID card
  • Credit or debit card
  • Most recent utility statement (Gas, electric, cable, etc.)
  • Other forms of ID that may be accepted (must be in effect, not expired): 1) Photo store member card
    (Costco, Sam's, etc.) 2) Photo employee card 3) Residential lease agreement
  • Other (Contact us if necessary)

- Unless and until it is paid in full, the loft bed must not be modified, moved, or disassembled (partially or fully) by
you. If repair is necessary, discontinue use and contact us for a solution.

- Our standard warranty ( covers loft bed rentals, e
xcept that your
warranty period is two years from the time you receive the loft bed. Your payment status (still making payments,
or fully paid) has no effect on this two year warranty period.

- For damages not covered under warranty, and except for ordinary wear due to reasonable use, you are
responsible for damages of the loft bed. This most commonly means, but is not limited to, excessive dents,
scratches, and marks. At the end of rental, we will inspect the loft bed and inform you of any charges owed for
This page is under construction and subject to change, but you may still read this to
get an idea.
We have already launched rental operations, so please contact us for details.
This page is under construction and subject to change,
including "terms and conditions" below. But we have already
launched rental operations, so please contact us for details.