Loft Bed Upgrades/Changes
We're always reinventing our products for the better. Please be mindful of these changes
as you browse our website:
We've changed our material from Southern Yellow Pine to Douglas Fir (DF). Please see the
photos below. Although they have very similar qualities structurally,
in our opinion, DF is a more
attractive and desirable wood, especially for furniture.
It also costs more, but as we've
increased our efficiency, we've managed to offset this higher material cost, which means little to no
increase for you.

More information on Douglas Fir (
click here and/or the following link):

NOTE: Mattress Slats are made of dimensional Hem Fir. While these may feature some knots, it does
match fairly well with DF, and are the least visible parts of the loft bed anyway.

We've done it! We made a super-sturdy loft bed EVEN sturdier!

We've incorporated two additional front supports, which help length-wise
sturdiness, particularly along the front of the loft bed.

TOP RIGHT PHOTO: We've made the back supports much longer now, which help length-wise
sturdiness, particularly along the back of the loft bed.

BOTTOM PHOTO: These are the designs of the ENDS of the loft beds (except the End Built-In
Ladder end, which has not changed). Actually, this design has been in effect prior to the above
upgrades, but we wanted to be clear on this too. The "Full/Queen" drawing is drawn to scale for a
Full, but the Queen is only a few inches wider so it looks virtually the same.

We've tested these new designs for sturdiness, and all assembly instructions have been revised.

BOTTOM LINE: This is our STURDIEST and BEST loft bed design to date.
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