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Options, Options, Options!
First familiarize yourself with our THREE LADDER MODELS, shown
below (available for any size, Ladder Model has no effect on price):
Counting all alternate
assembly options, that's
EIGHT unique ladder options
to fit virtually any space!
Need a custom size?
contact us!

Featuring a built-in ladder at the
foot of the loft bed with a
reversible design upon assembly
(built-in ladder can be positioned
on the left or right end of the loft

Featuring an angled ladder,
positioned at either end of the loft
bed, and either SIDE of THAT
end (four possible positions;
decide upon assembly).

Featuring an angled ladder,
positioned along the front face of
the loft bed. The ladder can be
positioned on the left or right side
upon assembly.

Replaces any angled ladder at no extra
charge. This can apply to model #2 or
model #3 shown above.

To order, select the "Straight" ladder
style from the pull-down menu at the
product ordering page.
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Complete Loft Bed Models - Solid Douglas Fir (DF)                            

Click: Standard Twin Size Loft Bed   >>  $679 after rebates!*

Click: Extra Long Twin Size Loft Bed  >>  $699 after rebates!*

Click: Full Size Loft Bed  >>  $799 after rebates!*

Click: Queen Size Loft Bed  >>  $849 after rebates!*

Accessorize Your Loft Bed!
Two side accessories are
identical for any loft bed size.
Headboard Shelf
Width varies by loft bed size.
Design is otherwise identical.
Twin      >>>   $65
Full        >>>   $75
Queen   >>>   $80
Consider These Modifications!
Extra Set of Guardrails
for Thicker Mattress
Side-Mount Shelf
Purchase your loft bed with Confidence!
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Before ordering, please contact us with your
proposed order and zip code, and we'll provide a final quote.
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testimonials page!
NOTE: Some of the loft beds shown
on this website are finished or
painted by the customer. We offer
unfinished models with the option of
adding a
clear lacquer finish.
All of our products come with a:
MC Woodworks, LLC
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Prices are subject to change.

                                                                                                                      Standard Twin:    $679
                                                                                                                      Extra Long Twin: $699
                                             Complete Model (includes Mattress Slats)          Full:                      $799
                                                                                                                      Queen:                 $849
                                                                                                                                      (order below)
Douglas Fir (Solid Wood)
more info                                            
Standard Twin:    $599
                                             Slatless Model (excludes Mattress Slats)            Extra Long Twin: $619    
more info                                                    Full:                      $699
                                                                                                                      Queen:                 $739       
Standard Twin:      $609
                                                                                                                      Extra Long Twin:   $629    
Complete Model (includes Mattress Slats)           Full:                        $719
                                                                                                                      Queen:                   $759
order      Red Oak
more info                                                                                                                                      
Standard Twin:      $529
                                            Slatless Model (exludes Mattress Slats)               Extra Long Twin:   $549    
more info                                                      Full:                        $619
                                                                                                                      Queen:                   $649
Wow, all prices
INCLUDE shipping!
(contiguous USA shipments,
orders of
five or less loft beds)
On a Budget? Consider these economy-priced loft beds:
Douglas Fir,
Slatless Model
Red Oak Plywood,
Complete Model
Red Oak Plywood,
Slatless Model
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