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We value your opinion and really listen to our customers.
Here's how to receive your rebate(s):

1) Copy and paste the following survey into an email and
answer the questions within the email.

2) Attach a photo to the email (or send a hard photo in the
mail; mailing address above).

3) If you would like the additional $20 rebate, just answer "yes"
to the "temporary reference" question in the survey.

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(Rebate submissions must be received within 30 days of
delivery to qualify. Expect your rebate check within two weeks
of submission.).
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1) Overall Impression / Testimonial:

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By the way...

For those browsing our website, you may
be wondering whether we require
customers to be positive in their
feedback to qualify for the rebates.

Our customers are under no
to say anything good about
us to qualify for the rebates, so our
testimonials are not
forced in any way.
In fact, some of them
were given to us
before we even offered
these rebates. We hope this gives you
added confidence in your shopping
decisions here. :-)
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