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#1 - These testimonials are from 100% real customers (we're lousy at
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We have a database of over 100
, and if we provide you with any, we won't even bother
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"We received and assembled the bed last weekend. Thanks again for the question answered, on
Thanksgiving at that! My husband and I are
very impressed with the craftsmanship of the bed!  Our 6 year
old daughter is in heaven.
The bed itself is very sturdy with not a creak to be heard while climbing in. We
would recommend purchasing this bed to anyone!   Thank you again - the bed was
worth every penny spent
and well worth the wait!"  -
Jill from Dousman, WI
"The bed looks AWESOME!  Worth every single penny and
then some...
August 13th brought devastating destruction to
our community and our home in the form of hurricane
charley.  The boy's bedroom took the brunt of the damage in
our home.  We repaired what we could but soon realized
that his bed would need to be replaced.  We shopped at
great length for a loft bed to accommodate the desk and
computer we wanted to put underneath.  
4 weeks of
shopping yielded this bed as by far the best value and the
most superior quality I could ever hope to acquire.
 Had I
another child I would happily buy one of these for each and
every one.  He loves the bed.
We love the price and the
Thank you so much for everything."  - Howard from
Punta Gorda, FL
"It was so hard to find a loft bed to fit my really deep queen mattress anywhere until I stumbled across these
custom loft beds being sold on E-bay.
The bed was delivered and set up very quickly and not only is it
incredibly sturdy but it adds so much needed space to our living area
with a cool nook underneath it for
our couch. Thanks for the great looking loft bed!"  -
Julia from New York, NY
"The delivery and assembly were extremely
I have never seen a sturdier loft bed
anywhere (and I’ve seen several in college,
and here, in the city)
.  I am so glad I found you
on Ebay! As someone in one of your other
testimonials so correctly expressed, it is
worth every cent, and more
.  I am going to
highly recommend you to anyone I meet who
might need one of your premium quality loft
beds." -
Keith from Kew Gardens,
"We put the bed together last night (2:00am!!). We both are completely thrilled with it! I cannot say enough
about it!
I can sit up in bed with a little head room (PERFECT height), but my boyfriend has to hunch over a
little (of course, lol). I will send you a picture, but I think I'll wait until the room is finished to take one (my room
is a MESS!). It was great doing business with you...good luck with it!!"  -
Jade from Fountainville, PA
"Thank you Maurice, we love it! Attached is a picture of
[our daughter] in her new bed.  It took us about 2 hours to
put it together and
the entire time my husband kept
saying what a well built bed it was
.  The instructions
were well written and easy to follow.  The bed looks great
and is
strong and sturdy.  I appreciate your quick
response to my emails and will definitely pass along
your name when we show it to friends.  
You have done a
great job from start to finish and we appreciate it.
Happy Holidays to you and your family!" -
Dona from
Durham, NC        << Photo <<
"The beds are great!  Every piece arrived carefully packaged and undamaged.  The instructions you
provided and the way that you packaged the hardware made assembly easy.  I assembled one bed alone
and with my husband to help the second it was a breeze!  We are
very pleased with the design and attention
to detail and feel that your price was very reasonable.
 Our girls couldn't be happier with their room
makeovers!  They especially love to play and work under their new beds. Thank you again for a quality product
and superb service!"  -
Lisa from Vero Beach, FL
"My husband and I absolutely love the sturdiness of the
We had looked at other places for loft beds but were
unhappy with the shakiness of the other beds. Since our
daughter is young we thought sturdiness was the number
one priority in selecting a loft bed for her room.
bed is virtually unshakable
, and we have no worries that
she will fall out of the bed due to its lack of sturdiness.
Thanks for the great product, Maurice!" -
Susan from
Burke, VA
                                                               >> Photo >>
"The service was outstanding. Being able to customize and have options was great. My daughter wanted a
ladder that slants out instead of climb up vertically (just her preference), and Maurice was able to
accommodate that. He kept me up-to-date on the progress."  -
Ellen from Fairfax Station, VA
"I knew this was the bed to save for!  It is so sturdy, I never
have to worry about it wearing out!  My son has such a tiny
room we had a time getting a good picture. This bed has
made a great new area for him to play in his own space.  My
daughter was so inspired by her big brother getting a new
“sky bed”, she gave up her crib to sleep in her own big girl
bed!  They are both happy now!  
Thanks for your
craftsmanship and value for the money in this product.
The instructions were a breeze!
Keep up the good work." -
Lori from Georgetown, IN        << Photo <<
"Thanks again. The bed is a bomb-proof design, much sturdier than I imagined.  The instructions were
very easy to follow - so easy, in fact, that my 7-year-old son assembled a good bit of the bed himself
while I read the instructions to him
.  Bravo!" - Jeff from Savannah, GA
"The loft is now stained, and is GORGEOUS. Solid as a
I'm moving furniture and setting up my office
underneath this morning, then will take some photos and
send them off to you. Thanks again for getting it to us on
time, and sorry for the long walk ;)"  -
Lisa from New
York, NY

                                             >> Photo >>
"We are so happy with our purchase, we've forwarded your brochure to all our friends. We couldn't be more
satisfied. The sturdiness is unmatched and the wood is so smooth, it's actually pretty.
The other thing I
love about this company is their willingness to accommodate special orders for your particular needs -- low
ceilings? No Problem! Need the ladder rungs closer? No Problem! Maurice is happy to oblige special
requests! Production was quick and I received the bed within two weeks of ordering, just as I was
promised."  -
Donna from Sparks, MD
"I received my loft bed today and have already set it up! I
am very pleased with it. The rails are perfect height for my
extra-thick mattress - thank you for that customization.
The instructions were great, and I had no problems
putting it together.
Now I have lots of extra space in my
apartment, since I am able to put my desk and computer
underneath the bed...perfect fit! Thanks again!"  -
from Portland, OR
"I am very happy with the bed! It is very sturdy and everything lined up perfectly and the wood is beautiful. It
works perfect in my son's small bedroom allowing him to have a good size bed and still able to have floor
space. Thanks for everything." -
Matt from Cocoa, FL
"The girls are sooooo happppyyy in their
new lofts! They were a family project to
paint and to assemble!
Thank you for your talents.
craftsmanship is great and the  directions
were easy to follow. We love pre-drilled
holes... just match them up and go. It was
like paint by number work!
I have attached
two pictures, one of each bed. If you would
like more or from different angles, I would
be happy to get some more to you. Please
feel free to use these in your advertising.
Merry Christmas to you!" -
Carrie from
Franklin, TN        
>> Photos >>
"I received the bed within three weeks. It was packed extremely well. The bed is outstanding.  I have shopped
around for loft beds for several months and
the MC Woodworks loft bed can't be beat.  This bed is truly rock
. The craftsmanship is superb.  I had no problem following  the well detailed instructions.  This is one
of the better purchases I have ever made
.  Keep up the good work.  Thank-you." - Robert from Fallston, MD
"I am sorry that it has taken me so long to email to tell
you how much we LOVE the loft bed
that you made for
our son, Alex!!  Alex thinks that it is the coolest and his
friends all love it too!  My husband and
I can't get over
how sturdy it is and strong!
 We also really appreciate
all that you went through to correct that corner piece. We
wish you luck in your business and would happily be a
reference for you."  -
Betsie from Saint Leonard, MD
"Hi, I'm taking a small break from this really awesome bed I got in the mail today!!!! We are all pretty excited
around here.  
I just can't express to you how pleased I am with your product.  You are extremely thorough.  I
had no idea everything would be so easy to find! The labeled bags of bolts was a thoughtful gesture. I had no
problem whatsoever putting it together.   ...
A lot of people can probably make a bed but it's the extras that
set you apart from the rest.  
The bags, the custom design, the rounded edges (bless you for that!!) and the
willingness to accommodate my special request.  
I can't remember when I've been so impressed with a
buying process and product and seller!!
 I will certainly get the word out around here.  Thank you so much
again for making it so easy!!   ...No wonder they call you the space cowboy.....your products are out of this
world!!  A. I know that's as corny as Kansas in August, but I couldn't resist and B. I'm sure you are much too
young to remember that song!!!!"  -
Cheryl from Searcy, AR
"My daughter loves her new loft bed, and I wanted to let you
know how great a job you did on it! We didn't get it put
together until Thanksgiving, but
the directions were great
and easy to follow
, and my husband and son were able to
get it put together in about 3 hours. It seems
and we are very pleased with it...I was going to send
a picture but I can't get my scanner to work. Thanks so
much for a great job!"  -
Julie from Jamestown, ND
"Thank you so much for our wonderful loft bed!  It was a pleasure doing business with you!  You were so
helpful to me in choosing the correct measurements for the bed, as my daughter’s bedroom is only
 The custom changes you made to the standard twin measurements worked out perfectly and
allowed us to order the shelf as well, which is an excellent addition to the bed.  My daughter absolutely loves
it.  It allows her those private spaces that girls enjoy and has kept her room fully functional.  If we had gotten
her a regular twin bed or bunk beds we would have had to remove some of the other furniture in her room.  
With this loft bed we were able to keep all of her current furniture in there.  The bed is
extremely sturdy and
was very easy to assemble
.  We are very pleased with the bed and wanted to thank you for all of your
assistance!"  -
Cindy from Skokie, IL
"I know I just assembled the sturdiest bed I will ever own in
this lifetime.
 And it took no time at all to do so.  Maurice was
a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
 He designed
and created a custom bed that addressed every one of my
requirements, and there were quite a few!  
The best part of
the entire project was the extreme confidence I was able
to have in Maurice.
 Early on, his attention to detail made it
apparent that every aspect of the bed would be flawless ...
and it was!  Not only was the bed custom, but so were my
detailed instructions, loaded with color photos and helpful
intelligent suggestions.  I cannot recommend  Maurice and
MC Woodworks enough!" -
Gary from Novato, CA
“This apparently small-scale operation makes one long for the days when most retail transactions involved real
people. While I first found them on ebay, I was then redirected to their actual website, which is very informative
about their loft beds. I'd be pleased to serve as a reference for your loft beds.  
The assembly was
straightforward and fairly quick and easy, and it's definitely very sturdy and solid.
Once shipped, I was
provided tracking numbers that let me accurately track the shipment and know exactly when it would arrive.
Overall, this was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had with an Internet-based merchant.” - Stuart
from Oakland, CA
We looked for a bed for my daughter for about three
weeks before buying yours.
We looked both online & in
stores. We first noticed all sizes of loft beds had the
same slats on the bottom as the twin. Then we noticed
how wobbly all the loft beds were. My daughter was
having second thoughts.
Well, my daughter loves her
new full loft bed
. My husband and her put it up in about
two hours. With the bed off the floor, she has so much
more room in her bedroom. She has been able to put her
desk under it and now she's looking for a "cool" chair for
her room. My brother is now considering a loft bed for his
small apartment. Also,
STURDY...WOW! I tried as hard
as I could to shake this bed. It doesn't budge! There is
NO give. WOW!
We love this bed and will recommend it
to anyone looking for a loft bed.” -
Tessa from Chino, CA
“I am very pleased with this queen loft bed. I looked at a lot of places on the Internet and in stores and I could not
find a loft bed that would use a queen size mattress.
Their customer service is wonderful.  I had a couple of
questions before I ordered the loft bed and they are very prompt at returning your emails and phone calls.
The looks and stability of the bed is excellent too. You wouldn’t know you were in a loft bed!
This is the strongest
loft bed that I have ever slept on, period.
I highly recommend purchasing a loft bed through MC Woodworks!” -
James from Watervliet, NY
“I am proud to say that my son's queen loft bed is up
and running!  He is thoroughly enjoying it.  His sister is
a little envious so we will probably be ordering another
loft bed very soon since her birthday is in April and so
far it is all she is asking for.
We are very happy with
our purchase and would be more than happy to help
you spread the word. Thanks again for a great
.” - Carol from Ponte Vedre, FL
We just want to thank you so much for making our king loft bed.  WE LOVE IT!   We had no problem putting it
You did a fantastic job, and we are amazed with your workmanship, precision and diligence. The
loft bed is so solid and it looks beautiful.” -
Charles from West Orange, NJ
I bought this bed to replace a
[department store]
loft bed which I
believed was unsafe after our second
 The new bed is very sound and I
believe worth the extra money
. I feel my
children are safe especially because my
younger daughter sleeps in a bed under
the loft bed.” -
Sheri from Encinitas, CA
"This purchase went very smoothly, and the product is fantastic. The merchant company is amazingly
organized, detail oriented, and represents the product exactly as it is
. There is a personal touch by the
merchant to make sure everything goes as planned, and is well explained.
These qualities are so lacking in
most of todays mass produced markets, it was a really refreshing change.
Thank you so much and don't
change a thing." -
Renee from Chandler, AZ
"I could not be more pleased with the loft
I ordered.  I ordered a loft bed for my 10 yr
old son because "everyone knows that
monsters can't you when you're up high".  (I
think he plays too many video games!)  I want
to say the loft bed is definitely keeping the
monsters away!  
The bed is extremely sturdy
and my son loves it.  
I would recommend you
to anyone.  The customer service is tops as
 All of my questions were answered and
communication was great.  
I can't say
enough good things about this whole
 (And believe me, I'm pretty
picky!)" –
Lisa from Annandale, NJ
"I am so glad I found your company and your loft bed!  It is a great bed for our 6 year old son.  Prior to placing
my order, I had a few questions and they were answered almost immediately (definitely less than 24
.  I placed an order and asked to have the overall height of the loft bed reduced by 4 inches in order to
create more room on top.  The bed was delivered Memorial Day weekend and my first impression was that
was packaged very well to protect against dents and damage
.  I was able to assemble the entire bed with
only minor assistance from my son (
the instructions were very easy to follow).  Since the bed didn't shake
or wiggle while he was moving around, neither of us worried about sturdiness.  I'm very glad I decided to
order the
side-mount shelf - it's perfect for a small lamp, clock/radio, box of tissues and a fan.   I've added
curtain-like panels to the perimeter underneath the bed to create a fort-like atmosphere for my son.  He and
his friends think it's pretty neat!  
I couldn't be happier with this bed, and can't think of anything I'd change.  
Thanks SO much!" -
Jennifer from Dover, NH
"I have had my loft bed for over a week now and
love it!  The custom fit has been perfect and
it is
very sturdy and durable.  
Compared to some of
the pre-made lofts on the market (which I have
slept in) I feel safe and secure sleeping six feet
up in the air.  
When it was all said and done, for
a custom design, delivery and installation- the
price blew even the cheapest store bought
models out of the water.
Thank you very much
for making my tiny Manhattan apartment
bedroom livable." –
Ellen from New York, NY
"The bed is terrific!  My son thinks he has the coolest room on the street now. His room only measures 11 x
11 so finding furniture to fit was difficult.  However, now with the new loft bed, he has space to hang out with
friends or to do homework.  
You were also so professional with the delivery and set-up of the bed.  It could
not have been easier.
 We would recommend these beds to anyone who needs a little extra space."  –
Margaret from Long Valley, NJ
"Our loft is fantastic! The drilled holes
line up so that even I could put it
together! It shows that MC
Woodworks takes pride in their
It was a great father/son
project! Our 12 year old son did a lot
of the work, since it is for his room!" –
Paula from Zeeland, MI
"I'm greatly pleased with the quality of workmanship and sturdiness of our full size loft bed.  I wouldn't
hesitate to recommend it to a friend, especially after considering what else is available in the
." – Brennon from Redwood City, CA
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Queen Loft Bed
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bed you made. After searching stores and the internet for 2 years I
came across your auction. I'm sure glad I did.
[My son] needed a
bigger bed than a twin, but his room is small. I knew it would have to
be a loft, but found the overpriced-no-quality beds hard to take
I have to say your beds are the BEST! Plus the straight up
step ladder you designed works wonderful in the space.
can't be said about your instructions.
After I stained and added 2
coats of polyurethane, my husband and I were able to put the bed up
in less than 2 hours (we didn't even argue once). You obviously take
pride in your craft and also your communication with your clients.
email exchanges were always right-on-spot
and answered in 24
hrs. or less. That added to the ease of buying over the internet. I
already have friends inquiring about how to get one of your loft beds.
I'll do my best to hopefully send some more business your way. All
the best to you!" -
Deanne from White Bear Lake, MN