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MC Woodworks, LLC
Super-Sturdy Loft Beds by Superior Design
Phone: (973) 885-8686
This loft bed is extremely sturdy. We live in an old house with uneven floors, yet this
loft bed sets flush on the floor and
does not wobble. The bolts selected are very
strong and the [material] is solid and lovely. The assembly instructions were clear
and easy to follow and there were no errors in the parts shipped
.  I think this was a
quality purchase."
- Frances from New Haven, CT
<< Frances' Actual Photo <<
"I couldn't be happier with my experiences with MC Woodworks and their loft beds.
From the first contact I had with Maurice, their master wood worker, I was
impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.
At that point I was still on the
fence. Was it the right product? Was it the right price point? Maurice's prompt attention
to my inquiries and the substance of the information I received sealed the deal. Even
more gratifying was the personal attention and consideration I received even AFTER the
sale took place. All deadlines were met, all correspondences were replied to... it was
amongst the
best experiences I've had with customer service.

In addition to the service elements of the transaction,
the product itself surpassed my
wildest expectations
. It was so easy to assemble that I felt like a master wood worker
myself! And once it's up, you can really see the benefits of going with a professional like
Maurice. Not only is it visually appealing, but it's sturdy as all get out!
craftsmanship is impeccable

Put simply: Buy this loft bed. You will not be disappointed. You will not find a better
value. I shopped around for months, and I kept coming back to MC Woodworks.
seriously looked everywhere, and just as I know I made the best decision by going with
these guys,
I'm 100% confident anyone in the market for a loft bed will feel the same
exact way.
Thanks guys!" - Noah from Frederick, MD             >> Noah's Actual Photo >>
"WOW! Is the first word people have said when they turn the corner into my studio.  This loft is so beautiful and
functional.  I have a smaller space in San Francisco so each square foot is needed.  The loft fits so nicely into the
corner and provides 5 feet underneath for storage.  The loft came in four
expertly wrapped bundles which where
and included a big ol’ bag of hardware and instructions.  I read through the instructions first and then
proceeded to lay out each piece (about 30 I think) and the various bags of labeled hardware.  
Putting it together was
easy and I did it by myself
.  ...SO EASY!  I only needed assistance actually getting the mattress up on it.  Thank you for
making such a great product."
- Jasmine from San Francisco, CA
"It'd be hard to exaggerate how happy I am with my bed.  MC
Woodworks is really running a quality operation and it showed at
every step of the way.
 I had to make a small modification to my
order and this only took a few minutes on the phone with no
hassles.  FedEx left the packages outside my apartment in a
torrential rainstorm, but the packages were well wrapped and the
barrier of tape and plastic wrap protected the wood from the
elements all morning long.*** All the different sized screws and
bolts were separated in labeled bags, which made the assembly
process much quicker.  I was prepared to spend the entire
afternoon putting the bed together, but
the directions were easy to
understand and contained plenty of pictures for directionally
challenged people like myself
, and with the help of my wife, we did
it in just over 2 hours.  
The bed is extremely sturdy (I'm 6'3'' and
210 lbs) and the additions (headboard, shelf, side table) are
definitely worth it.
" - Ryan from Fayetteville, NC ***MC - The
packaging is fairly water-resistant, but not water-proof. Fedex does
not always leave shipments unattended; this depends on your
house/building situation. If the driver determines it safe to leave,
he/she will typically leave it in a weather-protected area. The above
situation is not typical.
<< Ryan's Actual Photos <<
Kelly here decided to elaborate on each of the points on our
"1. I searched local furniture stores and online for a loft bed that
would fit my unique needs.  When I found MC Woodworks I felt
fortunate!  We wanted a unique bed.  We wanted an extra long
twin to fit over a queen bed where the twin was perpendicular
above the queen.  AND we wanted a custom headboard for the
queen, AND we wanted the storage box, AND we wanted our
existing nightstand to fit under the loft, AND we had a space
heater on the wall to contend with, the list went on and on. MC
Woodworks worked with me throughout the entire process.  We
had a few telephone conversations with notepads and tape
measures handy, just to make sure we covered everything.  
Woodworks was extremely professional, brought up good
suggestions, and made a beautiful bed!
 Our kids fight about
who gets to sleep in the loft.

2. Customer service was amazing.  We email regularly, and
spoke on the phone.  
I would give MC Woodworks an 11 out of a
possible 10 points for their customer service.

3. The bed was easy to install.  The color pictures made the
written instructions much simpler.
 They even made additional
notes for the extra steps our bed required to put together.  It was

I don't think there could be a sturdier bed out there.  My
husband was impressed!  There is no wiggle room in this bed.  I
believe that an adult would be supremely comfortable sleeping
on this loft bed, but with my kids fighting for the time there, it will
never happen!  It has made my kids excited about bedtime.

The value of this product is amazing.  I could not have found
this bed, with all my extra needs and wants fulfilled anywhere
else!  I truly believe that this bed is worth every penny.

6. The appearance of the bed is professional and well made.  I
expected a little more on the "lack to be desired" area for fine
finishing, but was pleasantly surprised.***  ...I am extremely
pleased with how this came out.  
It is far better than the pine
bunk beds that I have seen around for $500 plus dollars.
" - Kelly
from Denver, CO
***MC - We were a little confused about this
sentence, but we think Kelly means that the
quality of the wood
was even better than she expected.
    >> Kelly's Actual Photos >>
Thanks for the thumbs
up, Noah!
Custom headboards available! Contact us!
Custom extended length of the loft bed
created extra space in the mattress area,
which we built a storage box for.
Contact us!
Many more testimonials to come!
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"I'm impressed by the build quality of my loft bed; it was well worth the wait. It looks great, and there's not a single
creek or any wobble.
The instructions were straight forward enough for me to follow, and Maurice offered to make
himself available if I had any questions. MC Woodworks is a terrific solution for people who are seeking to maximize
limited space. You will not regret your purchase."
- David from New York, NY

My 10 year old son and I spent a few hours putting together his
great new loft bed from MC Woodworks.
I was dreading the
assembly, but not only was it straightforward, we had a great
time doing it together (he would have been thrilled to assemble
two or three beds)!
The instructions recommend a
screwdriver-style or ratchet wrench for the many, many nuts that
need tightening; in fact, only four of the nuts are inset and
absolutely require such a wrench; however, the job is a lot, lot
easier overall with such a wrench -- if you don't have one, it's
worth a quick trip to the hardware store to get one before you

The bed is wonderfully constructed: solid, looks good, and it
has some thoughtful features.
For example, we chose the
end-ladder option and the boards that comprise the steps of the
ladder are doubled-up, making stepping a lot more comfortable.
The mattress slats are not thin; they're pine two-by-fours (I
think)(***2), with
no creaking or bending at all. The bed rests
solidly on the floor. It's heavy, but not so heavy that my wife and I
couldn't shift it around to find an ideal place for it (it's big! so this
is no small trick). We chose the natural finish that MC Woodworks
recommends...the look is great. Finally, last but not least, Maurice
Cheng is a wonderful guy to work with."
- Philip from
Washington, DC
***MC - (1) This type of wrench can be found at a
discount store for only about $5.00. (2) The mattress slats are
made of Hem Fir or Douglas Fir, and the size of them varies
depending on loft bed size (generally wider/stronger slats for
larger sizes).
<< Philip's Actual Photo <<
"Our daughter, age 11, was dancing in her newly opened space of
her room.  She was so excited about the loft bed that she helped her
father put it together.  It only took the two of them to assemble the full
sized loft bed in a single afternoon! (***1)  
My husband is very with
our purchase experience.  
Maurice, you have been very easy to
work with (via e-mail)
(***2) to finalize our custom order.  
Everything was delivered, when promised, and in very good
 Thank you!" - Mary from Woodinville, WA ***MC - (1)
Average assembly takes about 2 - 3 hours. This estimate assumes
the use of a power drill with a Philips bit, which is strongly
recommended. (2) You're also very welcome to call to Maurice
directly to experience his very well-informed customer service!
(phone # above)
                                            >> Mary's Actual Photo >>
Juli is a repeat customer, and here are her two testimonials:

BED #1:
"Awesome bed!  Very sturdy, easy to assemble, all
parts were clearly marked (***1) and
directions were clear and
 My daughter loves it - she spends so much time in her
room now, and she has so much more space.  The
extra high
side rails are a mom's dream - I feel so comfortable with her
sleeping up there.
 I shopped for weeks looking for a sturdy loft
excellent choice.  We will now be ordering a second one for our
other daughter
- she loves her sisters, and wants one for her
***MC - (1) Not every part is labeled (this would actually
add unnecessary confusion) but some key parts are for just the
right level of ease of assembly. (2) Actually, we think these are
perfect for cabins, as you can see in the next testimonial/photo!

BED #2: "This is our second loft bed from MC Woodworks, and
we are very happy with both of them.
 Our girls love them, and
we feel very comfortable that they are safe - the beds are very
sturdy and the extra high side rails are awesome.  
Before long,
we will be ordering bed #3 for kid #3...
" - Juli from Gross Pointe
Park, MI                                                    << Juli's Actual Photo <<
"Beautiful, beautiful bed!  We are using our loft bed in a cabin rental and it
made and assembly was suprisingly easy thanks to the detailed
instructions and pictures.
 Excellent customer service-Maurice took time to
answer all my questions and made some good suggestions and  the bed
was ready on time.  
Very good value especially compared to the other loft
beds we had looked at.  Maurice clearly takes great pride in his product
and it shows!
" - Janet from Lake City, CO             >> Janet's Actual Photo >>
Perfect for Cabins!
Stuffed animals love our loft beds, too!
"Space is at a premium in our home, but my son really needed a larger bed.
After a lot of searching, I could only find a couple of companies that made a
queen size loft bed.
The MC Woodworks had a superior design. It's rock
solid. No wobble. I was even impressed with how it was packaged.
was no way it could have been damaged during shipping. *** ...The only
Helena, GA ***MC - Damage during shipping is not impossible, but quite rare
due to our meticulous packaging methods. Of course, if this happens, we'll be
happy to promptly replace such pieces.
       << Chris' Actual Photo <<
impossible to see the quality in small little photos. However, after
shopping at several stores and shaking many loft beds, I was
not satisfied with the beds I had seen in person. I found your
company via a web search of loft beds and one look at the
design of the bed's supports made it clear this was nothing like
the beds that were being sold in retail stores. A little further
reading on your site, including the testimonials convinced me
that this was the bed to buy.
My daughter is absolutely thrilled
with her new bed. I'm so happy I bought the full size, it gives her a
ton of space under the bed for a little living room. ...It is worth
every penny."
- Lori from Citrus Heights, CA
>> Lori's Actual Photo >>
P.O. Box 844
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033