Warranty Information
Within four years of receiving your loft bed, if we determine (see note below ***) that a defect was caused by
shipping damage or workmanship, MC Woodworks, LLC will either:

    1) Ship a replacement to you, free of charge. This solution is most typical.


    2) In rare cases, mutually agree that the defect can be easily repaired to desired condition by you.
    Example: An aesthetic imperfection that can be sanded down to desired condition. Each case differs, but
    we typically reimburse you for any costs incurred (like sandpaper in the above example) and
    inconvenience this may cause.

Warranty does not cover damages due to user modification, improper assembly, or user misuse.

Warranty is for the original owner and is non-transferable.

Whichever the approach, our goal is to restore your loft bed to your desired condition and to work
with you towards that end.

*** Although we reserve the right to determine the validity of a defect claim, understand that not finding an
agreeable solution is
extremely rare. The vast majority of you are fair and reasonable, and we think you'll find
us to be exactly the same.

To submit a Defect Claim: Contact us to provide an initial description of the defect/damage. Typically, we will
then request a digital photo of the defect/damage, and then determine the appropriate course of action.

Additional Notes - For Your Information

- Our honest estimates: Our rate of producing flawless loft bed components is about 99.98%. Also,
feedback from old customers has indicated that since 2005, defects developing over time is almost equally as
rare (about 0.2%). Is this good enough? Hope so, but understand that
we're still improving our techniques,
so this continues to tick towards 100%
. Yes, we're perpetually pursuing perfection.

- Comparison to our competitors' warranties:

    - We don't believe in "Lifetime" warranties for a simple reason: We certainly don't plan to close our
    business, but understand that when this happens to a company, warranties almost always become void.
    So, while we (and Maurice) have a company vision and expect to be building loft beds for a while, we don't
    have a "crystal ball" for this. A "Lifetime" warranty from another loft bed company usually means "for the
    lifetime of the company", not of you.

    Having said this, our research very strongly indicates that our loft beds are built to last far beyond
    four years. We've contacted customers after four-plus years of use, and the overwhelming response is
    that there's been virtually zero sign of stability loss. We'll continue this research, but we don't expect this to
    change for many more years to come.

    - When we determine a replacement is necessary, we will not ask you to purchase replacement
    materials locally. Some loft bed companies do this and reimburse you for the cost, but frankly, this is
    really silly to us.

    Why? A few reasons:

    1)  Whether the piece at issue is Douglas Fir or Red Oak Plywood, this material, or the high quality
    grade to match your loft bed, may not be available in your region. We can't speak to our
    competitors' material and availability of it, but you would want replacements to match your existing
    loft bed, right? Right...

    2) The techniques by which our loft bed components are made are impractical for most of you to
    duplicate. These may include measuring, marking, cutting, drilling, rounding the edges, pre-
    assembling, and inspecting. Not to mention...do you even have the tools for this? Either way,
    explaining these processes to match our quality takes more time than to simply replace
    the component for you. If another loft bed company does this, it's probably because their
    methods involve much less attention to detail.

    3) Even if a company reimburses you, isn't it such a pain to replace a component
    yourself? You can answer this one. :-)
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