Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my
loft bed and when is my credit card charged?
Current Delivery (time of order to delivery): 2 - 3 weeks (This is kept accurate here. Thanks for your patience as
we meet very high demand.)

Delivery time for already placed orders: Contact us.

Shipping is via FedEx Ground and we'll email you the tracking numbers once shipped.

Your card will be pre-authorized for the amount shown at checkout, which means these funds are set aside by
your card issuer for a few days (typically three to five days). If our delivery time indicates shipping
after this
period, these funds will be released back to you within those few days. We will then charge your card for the full
amount upon shipping, which will be about one week before the delivery time posted above. Please expect and be
sure funds are available for that time.

For custom orders, the amount quoted will be charged.

Do you ship your loft beds to Alaska and Hawaii?
Yes. However, you must contact us for a custom quote.

Can I request a delay in my loft bed shipment?
Yes. To receive your loft bed after the normal delivery time (posted above), simply specify when you would like it
to arrive in the “special instructions” field during checkout. Usually, this can be honored within a three business
day window, depending on FedEx accuracy. So then, please specify your
ideal target date, Monday - Friday,
understanding that it could be plus/minus one business day.

Will I be given the FedEx tracking numbers for my loft bed shipment?
Yes. Once shipped, we will email you the tracking numbers so you will have a good idea of arrival time. Tracking
your shipment online is easy at

How many packages will my loft bed come in and how much does it weigh?
This answer is for standard models without accessories or modifications (contact us if otherwise). Twin sizes will
come in two or three rectangular-shaped packages. Full and Queen sizes will come in three or four packages.
maximum weight of any one package will be about 75 lbs. (some will be less), which an average-strength
adult should be able to carry. Otherwise, you'll need a helper to move it, or you can just open the package
wherever it is and carry the pieces individually. Overall approximate weights: Twin - 200 lbs., Full - 240 lbs.,
Queen - 260 lbs., King - 320 lbs.

Can I pick up my loft bed directly from your workshop?
Sure! If you are in the local area, pick-up is always an option. Of course, you will need a large enough vehicle to
transport your loft bed. Depending on your loft bed model, it will likely come in three to five large packages.
Length is the primary concern, as the longest packages may measure up to 7 feet long. If you need specific
dimensions of the packages, please contact us.
::::::::: LOFT BED QUESTIONS :::::::::

Do I need a box spring or other platform and how thick should my mattress be?
No box spring or other platform is necessary unless your mattress is unusually thin or specifically requires a
special platform to rest on. Our
standard loft beds are designed for mattresses no thicker than 9 1/2" thick.  If
your mattress is thicker than 9 1/2", but LESS than 15 1/2”, an
extra set of guardrails to raise your guardrail
height is available for order. With the maximum mattress thickness, the guardrails will extend 5” UP from the
mattress surface, which is the minimum to comply with Consumer Product Safety Guidelines.  If your mattress is
even thicker than 15 1/2", please contact us to make the appropriate modification to your loft bed, and we will
advise you of any applicable surcharge.

Will I need to sand off any splinters in the wood?
Each and every loft bed component is hand inspected for splinters (among other things), so it’s very unlikely you
will find any. In the very rare occasion that you do, the component can be easily touched-up with a little

What is the weight limit on the loft bed frame? (Then also see ladder weight limit below.)
This answer assumes that your mattress is at least 7" thick and weighs no more than 120 pounds. If your
mattress does not meet these specifications, please contact us for possible modification.

All of our loft bed frames are designed to withstand 1200 pounds of evenly distributed weight, without motion.
However, under typical stresses and motion during use,
the weight limit for the person(s) on the loft bed is
550 pounds overall
. Since the mattress is evenly distributed weight, it's weight is a virtual non-factor.

If you need a higher weight limit, please contact us for possible modification.
NOTE: Please also see "weight limit
on the ladder" below.

What is the weight limit on the ladder?
The weight limit on the ladder is 220 pounds. This applies to the "hook-on" ladder, but also to the "End Built-In"
ladder (
ladder models). If you need a higher weight limit, please contact us for possible modification.

How much space will I have between the mattress and the ceiling?
Guide to Loft Bed Heights

Can I request a modification to my loft bed or other custom work?
We specialize in customizing units to meet the specific needs for many of our customers. Just contact us with
your proposed modification and we'll let you know if this is within our expertise and what the difference in price
will be.

Are assembly instructions included and how long should it take?
Yes, they are easy to follow and include full color photos to take you step-by-step. Assembly time varies,
depending on the person(s), but typically takes about 2 1/2 hours. We recommend finding a friend to help;
assembly is much easier and quicker with a helper.

What tools are needed to assemble my loft bed?
All you need is three tools to assemble your loft bed: 1) Socket ratchet wrench with ½ inch (13mm) socket. 2)
Standard Phillips head screwdriver (a power drill/electric screwdriver with a Phillips bit is recommended and will
greatly speed up assembly). 3) Rubber mallet (preferred) or hammer.

Is the loft bed ready to accept a finish?
Our lumber is run through surface planers at its origin mill, resulting in a smooth surface texture.  Some
customers find this satisfactory in applying a finish directly (or leaving the loft bed unfinished altogether), while
others decide to further prep the surface before finishing for an even more refined look (i.e. by sanding).

Do you sell plans?
Unfortunately, we do not have loft bed plans for sale.

Do you make bunk beds?
Although we have not yet advertised a bunk bed model, we certainly have this capability and will soon be adding
this to our official product line. If you are interested in a bunk bed unit, please contact us for more information.

What is your warranty and return policy?
Warranty and Return Policy
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