Anatomy of a Truly Rock Solid Loft Bed
Go ahead, do your comparative shopping, and pay
close attention to the design features of other loft beds
(or lack thereof).  For those of you who like to save
time, however, we've loaded this page with comparison
information and then go into detail about our loft beds.

We hope you find this page to be quite informative!

High Quality Furniture-Grade Douglas Fir
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Smooth-surfaced and virtually defect-free.

Key structural components are double thick for
increased sturdiness. Width of some components
are scaled up for larger models.

Triangle supports to virtually eliminate wobble.
ends of loft bed for larger models.

Rounded edges on virtually every component,
concealed hardware used in construction, recessed
bolts near the ladder to prevent scrapes, and more.

Slats are spaced at most 3 1/2" apart; no additional
platform is needed for most mattresses.

100% hand-made, many routine quality inspections
performed by master builder

Full color photo instructions, steps taking you
virtually piece by piece.

Personal service with master designer.

We expect you to check out other loft beds on the market.
Here are a few pointers on what to look for:

• Does the design incorporate triangle supports?
If so, how large are they and are they scaled up for
the larger models?

• Are the edges rounded? If so, how round are they? Our rounded edges are of 1/4" radius, which we
think is ideal for comfort and appearance. The lower the radius, the sharper the edge.

• What's the overall weight of one of their units?  Our twin loft bed ships at about 200 pounds (Full Loft
: 240, Queen Loft Bed: 260, King Loft Bed: 340). Generally, this can give you an indication of the size of
components (effecting sturdiness) and quantity of components (an indicator of design refinement).

• Do you need to purchase a mattress foundation separately? Our loft bed mattress slats are strong
and spaced at most 3 ½” apart, no additional platform is needed for most mattresses.

• Is there personalized service with the master designer? How involved is he in the construction
Our master designer performs many routine quality inspections personally, and can be contacted
directly to answer your questions.

• How do you like the overall appearance of their design? Call us biased, but we think our loft beds
look great!

• How long is their warranty? We offer a four year warranty on all of our loft bed products.

If you answered negatively to any of the above, well, we'll let you be the judge!
Want to learn even more? Of course you do! Read on...
(From the "MC" in MC Woodworks)
As you might imagine, I've done my research when
it comes to loft beds. With cues on what works and
what does not, I’ve learned a few things over the years,
achieving a design I truly believe to be the best
combination of super-sturdiness, high quality, and
overall value in the loft bed market today.

At first glance, a loft bed appears to be a simple
structure; one that a fair handyperson can build in
their home workshop. Admittedly, loft bed design is
not rocket science (I don’t claim to be
that smart…:-) ),
but there are quite a few things that separate a higher
quality loft bed from the rest.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a truly SOLID loft bed:

Wood Characteristics (UPDATE: We now use furniture-grade Douglas Fir.)

Size of Components – Some loft bed manufacturers choose to use thinner and/or
narrower lumber in efforts to lower material and shipping costs. When our business
expanded to offer nationwide shipping, I designed and built a lighter prototype with
the same intentions. However, once built and tested, I decided against introducing
this lighter loft bed model for two simple reasons: 1) Using smaller and lighter pieces
ultimately sacrifices sturdiness, both in wobble and weight capacity, and 2) I
believed that our customers would be willing to invest a bit more rather than settle
for an inferior product. Seems to me that both reasons were justified so I continued
with the original models. Another important note is that many other manufacturers
use the same-width components on ALL of their different size models. For example,
a twin loft bed would have the same-width components as a queen loft bed, but the
components would simply be made longer. Problem is, a queen loft bed needs to
hold much more weight than a twin loft bed, but none of the components are scaled up for higher weight capacity.
Recognizing this shortcoming,
I designed the larger models with some proportionally wider components to
handle more weight.
Even though it involved some more thinking and labor, I decided against sacrificing
quality just to lower costs.
Want an indication of this? Our standard twin loft bed ships at about 200 pounds. Ask
about the weight of others in the market.

Diagonal Supports I cannot stress this point enough. While type and size of lumber plays a large part in
determining sturdiness, it would all be for naught if not incorporated into the sturdiest possible design. An unstable
design creates wobble. Wobble can put considerable stress on each joint and wears out the grip of the fasteners,
potentially making the unit unsafe. So, how do you keep such a tall piece of furniture square and virtually free of
wobble? For the answer, look no further than the architectural innovation developed many ages ago:
The Triangle.
It’s the key design element you’ll find in bridges, for example, in which diagonal supports, creating a
triangle, not only keep the structure from shifting, but also distributes the enormous weight it carries
appropriately throughout the structure
. As you see, I have taken a page from this age-old architectural
innovation and incorporated it our loft bed designs. I’ve tested many different sizes and models with these supports,
ultimately coming up with just the right design to maximize stability. Our customers will attest to how SOLID our
loft beds are. Guess that ninth grade trigonometry came in handy after all. See our current diagonal support design
Form follows function. In designing our loft bed units, the absolute priority is to ensure that every model is as
structurally sound as possible. Throughout the design process, however, I also considered the
and versatility
of each design. A loft bed is not just an elevated platform for your mattress. It’s a piece of
furniture that you live on and keep in your most personal living quarters. It needs to fit your living space,
however you choose to arrange it. Several ladder options are available for our loft beds, with some models
featuring reversible ladder designs. Every standard height model includes five ladder rungs for easy climbing, as
opposed to four like many of our competitors’ models. It doesn’t end there. We offer several accessories to
hold your nighttime items, i.e. an alarm clock, book, or even a small lamp. The headboard shelf even has holes
on the sides to facilitate a power cord without having to wrap it around the front of the shelf.

Having satisfied all of the above, I then considered the
qualities and attention to detail
in the construction of each and
every loft bed. Whether kept as a permanent fixture in a child’s
bedroom, or used temporarily for the dorm-dwelling college student,
I make sure that the little things are not taken for granted. For
example, rounding the edges not only give your hands and feet a
break from the sharp edges of most lumber, it also eliminates any
splinters around the edges. Furthermore, there are some loft bed
components that are actually separate pieces, permanently glued
and screwed together, but you may not even notice. The permanent
hardware used to attach these pieces is concealed with matching
wood filler, and then carefully smoothed and sanded over by hand.

I perform many routine quality inspections personally.  Drill and cut accuracy, visual appearance, and
overall quality are the things I look for. If it doesn't meet my high standards, we simply scrap it and replace the
component. As of May, 2010, I estimate that the
total number of loft bed components needing replacement
due to defect is less than ten (quite literally and honestly). So, out of about 36,000 components built, this is a

rate of about 99.97% of perfectly produced, non-defective components. Is this "good enough"?
Maybe, but we're striving for an absolutely perfect 100% rate moving forward.
Is this even possible? I
suppose we'll keep at it and see. :-) And yes, each of those very few pieces was replaced immediately, and of
course for free.

Believe it or not, there are many other details I could elaborate on, but if you made it this far, you’ve already
learned quite a bit about our loft bed products. I made a commitment long ago to never "cut corners". In fact,
when a customer has anything even resembling a complaint (more like suggestions), I carefully consider this
and usually go back to the drawing board to enhance that aspect of the design.

Don’t be fooled: Sometimes a photo does not reveal the shortcomings of some loft beds on the market.
Likewise, it does not always reveal the finer details of a higher quality product, which is exactly why I’ve taken
this opportunity to elaborate. You generally get what you pay for in the loft bed market, but even considering
this, our customers still tell us that our loft beds are of great value and the right investment.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to
contact Maurice. Thanks for your interest and we look
forward to building your loft bed!


Maurice Cheng


Construction grade lumber: Rough
surfaced with many defects.

Width of components are NOT scaled
up for larger models.

No triangle supports, or NOT
SCALED UP for larger models.
(Yeah, it's that important.)

Additional sanding suggested to
remove rough edges and splinters

Additional platform may be required.

Mass manufactured.

B&W computer drawings, multiple
pieces assembled at a time.

Customer service representative.

Six months









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