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The Specialists in Hand-Made Wooden Loft Beds
Searching for that elusive loft bed
that's just right for your living
space? We think you've found it.
Maximize your living space with a
super-sturdy wooden loft bed,
hand-made and built-to-order. Our
wooden loft beds are great for
people in limited living spaces, or
for others who simply want to add
a fun, creative element to their
room. You can place a sofa, desk,
bookshelf, or virtually anything else
under your new loft bed to
maximize valuable floor space.
Maximize space in your
tight living quarters!
Renee from Chandler, AZ says:
"This purchase went very smoothly,
the product is fantastic. The
merchant company is
organized, detail oriented, and
represents the product exactly as
it is
. There is a personal touch by
the merchant to make sure
everything goes as planned, and is
well explained.
These qualities are
so lacking in most of todays mass
produced markets
, it was a really
refreshing change.
Thank you so
much and don't change a thing.
Sturdy enough for the most active adults while safe enough for kids, our rock solid loft
beds incorporate many important design features. Diagonal supports on each side of the
loft bed, proportionally sized components depending on loft bed size, and strong,
reinforced joints are just a few of these features. Wobble? None, nada, zilch… Visit our
Design” page to learn much more!

Your loft bed will be hand-made with precision, as we believe this is the best way to
control the quality of each and every component. The master designer performs many
strict quality inspections personally, with a simple philosophy in mind: if he wouldn’t use it
in his own home, he wouldn’t expect you do to the same. Cutting and drilling precision,
splinter-free rounded edges, and visual appearance are just a few of the details he looks
for when inspecting loft bed components.

Our loft bed products come in all standard sizes: Twin
, Extra-Long Twin, Full, Queen,
Standard King, and California King. Need a custom size? No problem, just
contact us.
We specialize in custom loft beds in virtually any dimensions.

So don't take a chance on a poorly designed, wobbly loft bed. If nothing else, check out
our real
customer testimonials and read about our superior design. We think you'll agree
that our loft beds are as sturdy as they come!

Thanks for looking and please feel free to
contact Maurice with any questions! As
informative as our website is, he'll probably further impress you with his real depth of loft
bed knowledge.
Yes, we build KING SIZE loft beds!
  • Virtually Doubles Your Living Space

  • ROCK SOLID Construction ---    ABSOLUTELY
    NO WOBBLE! (learn more)

  • Smooth Rounded Edges

  • Multiple Ladder Options

  • Easy Assembly with Full Color Photo Instructions

  • Twin, Full, Queen, King or Custom Sizes

  • Hand-Made Proudly in the U.S.A.

  • FREE Shipping! *

  • Denver Metro Customers - Full On-Site
    Assembly Available!

  • Direct Personal Service with Maurice (Yes,

In the end, you are our best judge!
Here's a preview of our very many
"I could not be more pleased with
the loft bed
I ordered.  The bed is
extremely sturdy
and the customer
service is tops as well.
 All of my
questions were answered and
communication was great.  
I can't
say enough good things about this
whole experience.
 (And believe
me, I'm pretty picky!)" –
Lisa from
Annandale, NJ
"Thanks again. The loft bed is a
bomb-proof design, much sturdier
than I imagined.  The instructions
were very easy to follow - so easy,
in fact, that my 7-year-old son  
assembled a good bit of the bed
himself while I read the
instructions to him. Bravo!
"  - Jeff
from Savannah, GA   
* Shipping is included in the purchase prices
for contiguous USA shipments only.
"The delivery and assembly were
extremely efficient.  
I have never
seen a sturdier loft bed anywhere
(and I’ve seen several in college,
and here, in the city)
. As someone
in one of your other
testimonials so
correctly expressed, it is
worth every cent, and more
.  I am
going to highly recommend you to
anyone I meet who might need one
of your premium quality loft beds." -
Keith from Kew Gardens, NY
We looked for a bed for my daughter for
about three weeks before buying yours.
looked both online & in stores. We first
noticed all sizes of loft beds had the same
slats on the bottom as the twin. Then we
noticed how wobbly all the beds were. My
daughter was having second thoughts.
my daughter loves her new loft bed
. My
husband and her put it up in about two hours.  
My brother is now considering a loft bed for
his small apartment. Also,
tried as hard as I could to shake this bed. It
doesn't budge! WOW!
We love this bed and
will recommend it to anyone looking for a
bed.” -
Tessa from Chino, CA
Want to contact a real
customer as a reference?
Email us:

We've compiled a database of
none of which are
prescreened. That means you'll
get an unbiased opinion about
our products.
"I'm greatly pleased with the quality of
workmanship and sturdiness of our full size
loft bed.  
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it
to a friend, especially after considering what
else is available in the marketplace
." –
Brennon from Redwood City, CA
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