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Guide to Loft Bed Height
"Height Under Slats" = "Slats" are the pieces the mattress rests on, and so this is the height under them.
                                    Standard is
58". ("Mattress Rails Clearance" is normally a secondary concern, but you
                                    may see definition below.)

"Sleeping Space" =  Top of the mattress to the ceiling.

Checking Whether The Standard Height Works For You

Calculate your Sleeping Space, given the standard Height Under Slats:

    [ceiling height] -minus- [mattress thickness] -minus- [59 1/2"]     =  YOUR SLEEPING SPACE

Now, consider how you'll be using these spaces and decide whether these figures work for you:

    1) 58" Height Under Slats

    2) Your Sleeping Space

Lastly, consider these two points:

    1) "Overall Height" = Floor to the top of the guardrails. Standard is 74 1/4". Simply check that the ceiling is
    at least this high. This is rarely an issue, because if it's even close, this probably means your Sleeping
    Space is very small. But you should still check and understand this point. (Note: Modifications and/or
    accessories may change overall height. See descriptions of those for their effect on height.)

    2) "Mattress Rails Clearance" = Floor to the bottom edges of the Mattress Rails (two wide pieces that run
    the length of the loft bed). Standard is 56 1/4" for Douglas Fir loft beds, or 56" for Red Oak Plywood loft
    beds. This is usually only significant if you want to walk clearly under the loft bed, without ducking at all, but
    let us know if you have a different situation where this is relevant.

If all of the above works for you, you're done! The order page assumes standard height, so just order your loft bed

If these dimensions do NOT work for you, continue to the next section.

Determining a Custom Height

First, determine your Sleeping Space assuming, for now, the standard Height Under Slats (follow above section).

Now that you have that, simply understand:

    For as many inches as you add/subtract in Height Under Slats, you conversely subtract/add that many
    inches in Sleeping Space. You're simply re-allocating space from one area to the other.

If you need help, feel free to contact us and we'll guide you through this. Please provide us with your mattress
thickness and ceiling height.

Otherwise, if you understand everything and would like quote for a custom height, all we need to know is your
desired Height Under Slats. Please
contact us with this and we'll provide a quote and instruction on how to order
If you want to walk clearly under the
loft bed (i.e. the Mattress Rails):

This situation is rare, so to keep things
simple here, just
contact us and we'll
guide you through this.
Example: Let's say, at standard 58" Height Under Slats, that
your Sleeping Space is 30", but now you want to ADD 4" in
Height Under Slats. Here are your new numbers:

    Height Under Slats = 58" + 4" = 62"
    Sleeping Space = 30" - 4" = 26"

Conversely, if you wanted to SUBTRACT 4" in Height Under
Slats, here are your new numbers:

    Height Under Slats = 58" - 4" = 54"
    Sleeping Space = 30" + 4" = 34"

Lastly, consider that your Overall Height and Mattress Rails
Clearance change by exactly the same amount as your
Height Under Slats. (For the above example: +4" or -4".)
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Yes, we do custom heights! Review this page, and/or contact us.