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Loft Bed Pricing Breakdown                                                      (Final Costs after Rebates below, Shipping Included)
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Please read everything here carefully to avoid errors in your

Ordering multiple loft beds.)

(Colorado Residents:
Please contact us for a quote. Shipping may
be subtracted and sales taxes may apply. Overall, your price will likely
be lower than shown here.)

First, understand the following pricing breakdown. For each loft
bed size, there are
four price points, which depends on: 1) Your
desired material and 2) Complete versus Slatless version.
So, let's start with what you just decided on.

Make your selections in the these three pull-down menus:
Delivery Time: 2 - 3 weeks (This is kept accurate here.
Thanks for your patience as we meet very high demand.)
Standard Twin:    $749
Extra Long Twin: $769
Full:                      $869
Queen:                 $909
Slatless (excludes Mattress Slats)
Douglas Fir (Solid Wood)
Red Oak Plywood
Standard Twin:    $669
Extra Long Twin: $689
Full:                      $769
Queen:                 $799
Standard Twin:      $679
Extra Long Twin:   $699
Full  :                      $789
Queen                    $819
Standard Twin:      $599
Extra Long Twin:   $619
Full:                        $689
Queen:                   $709
Slatless (excludes Mattress Slats)
Material Comparison                      Complete vs. Slatless                                      Size
Your MC Woodworks Loft Bed
  • ALL wood components,
    approximately 40 pieces (except
    Slatless Models, which include
    approx. 30 pieces)
  • ALL hardware: every bolt, screw,
    washer, and nut
  • Full Color Photo assembly
  • Reinforced, protective packaging
  • Four year warranty
  • Denver Metro Customers -
    Complete assembly service
Order your loft bed with:
Visitors: For a complete tour of our many loft bed options, please read this page and
browse through all links, including the "?" ones.
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most browsers, "CONTROL-W" is the keyboard shortcut to close the current window or tab.)
<---- Pricing here is for Douglas Fir, Complete
options (most popular). So then understand the
following two menus with optional price
<---- "ROP" = Red Oak Plywood
<---- "SL" = Slatless
Now, continue through all of the following selections.
Neither selection below effects pricing.
? ---> For both options here

Available for Douglas Fir loft beds only. If you selected Red Oak Plywood, leave this selection

If your loft bed is Douglas Fir, select carefully based on
size and Complete/Slatless (or leave it
Be sure to understand Loft Bed Height and Guardrail Height.
? ---> Specifics on this height
(different than link above)
(Lacquering for this height modification is no additional charge.)
---> "Guardrail Height"
link above.

If you want all three, these will fit on the loft bed simultaneously (one of each).

If interested in multiple,
identical accessories, please contact us to ask whether this can be done. If
so, we'll let you know how to order this.
? ---> For all accessories
Please review your selections. Your total will be shown in the shopping cart upon pressing the
button below.

    NOTE: If you need to make changes once you're in the shopping cart, click the BACK
    button on your browser (not "Keep Shopping"). Depending on your browser, this should
    maintain your selections. Just remember this, and then come back to read the following:

    Make your changes, click the order button, and then remove the previous version of your order in
    the cart.

    1) Understand your loft bed dimensions and space required for assembly to ensure the loft bed will fit
    and assembly can be performed.

    2) Our loft beds are designed to conform to Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines for bunk
    beds. Understand, however, that there are obvious and inherent risks due to falling in the use of any
    elevated surface for sleeping. We cannot control the quality of assembly nor any modifications made to
    our products. You will be deemed to have read all safety warnings and assume any and all risks of injury,
    property damage, or other losses incurred by the use and/or assembly of the product(s).

    3) (If the following does not apply to you, please contact us for an upgrade.) The vast majority of you will
    position the back face of the loft bed alongside a wall. So then, since the wall-facing side of the back
    face is simply not visible, this area may be made less attractive than other areas of the loft bed, and will
    not be finished if you chose lacquer finish. Similarly, a few edges facing this way will not be rounded
    because they are rarely ever touched. Nothing here is a structural issue at all. We don't lower costs just
    for the sake of it...we just don't believe in you paying for unnecessary things. (To be clear, the "back
    face" is the length-wise face of the loft bed that is opposite the open/front face where you walk
NOTE: Please contact us before ordering. We are in a transition to loft bed rental, and
may have limited supply of loft beds for sale. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
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NOTE: Please contact us before ordering. We are in a transition to loft bed rental, and
may have limited supply of loft beds for sale. Thanks in advance for your understanding.