Safety Warnings for Your MC Woodworks Loft Bed
All of our loft beds are designed to meet or exceed Consumer Product Safety Guidelines for loft/bunk beds.
When used properly, our loft beds are as safe (if not
more safe) as any on the market.

It's important for you to be aware of the following safety warnings to be sure that your loft bed will be used in a
safe manner.

1)   Our standard loft bed units are designed for mattresses no thicker than 9 ½ inches.  Unless you have
ordered a unit customized to fit a thicker mattress, use a mattress no thicker than 9 ½ inches. This will ensure
that the surface of the mattress is at least 5 inches below the upper edge of the top safety rail.

2)   Always use the recommended mattress size for the loft bed.

3)   Follow the provided assembly instructions accurately to ensure proper assembly.

4)   Do not permit children under 6 years of age to use the loft bed.

5)   Periodically check all connectors and fasteners for tightness to ensure proper sturdiness and safety.

6)   If any component, connector, or fastener is damaged, do not use the loft bed until such parts have been
properly replaced or repaired.  Only use        replacement parts manufactured by MC Woodworks.

7)   Prohibit jumping or other horseplay on, underneath, or in the vicinity the loft bed. Do not stand on the loft

8)   Use only the ladder for climbing onto or off of the loft bed.

9)   No more than one person should be on the single size ("twin") loft bed at one time. No more than 2 people
should be on either the "full" or "queen" loft bed at one time.

10)    If the loft bed unit is to be placed next to a wall on any side, it should be flush against the wall(s) to
prevent entrapment between the loft bed and the wall.

11)   Do not position the loft bed near any ceiling fan, fire/smoke alarm, window, door, or closet, or any heat
source that could potentially ignite the natural wood material of the loft bed.

12)   Do not position the loft bed as to impede access to evacuation routes used in the event of fire or other
emergency, or in any position that would cause any apparent safety hazards unique to your space.
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