Loft Bed Dimensions
Loft Bed Frame Outside Dimensions (width and length are rounded up to the nearest inch, height is
accurate as listed)

    Standard Twin:     44" Width x 80" Length x 74 1/4" Height (for 39" Width x 75" Length mattress)

    Extra-Long Twin:   44"W x 85"L x 74 1/4"H       (for 39"W x 80"L mattress)

    Full:                       59"W x 80"L x 74 1/4"H       (for 54"W x 75"L mattress)

    Queen:                  66"W x 85"L x 74 1/4"H        (for 60"W x 80"L mattress)

    Standard King:      82"W x 85"L x 74 1/4"H       (for 76"W x 80"L mattress)

    California King:      78"W x 89"L x 74 1/4"H       (for 72"W x 84"L mattress)

- Standard or straighter angled ladder extends 15" or 9" out from the loft bed frame, respectively. For your
overall "footprint", add this to your frame width or length, depending on your
ladder model.

- Accessories or modifications may change dimensions. Refer to those pages for this info.

Height Under Slats (floor to mattress slats): 58"

Mattress Rails Clearance : 56 1/4" (Douglas Fir), 56" (Red Oak Plywood). This is from the floor to the
bottom edges of the Mattress Rails (two wide pieces that run the length of the loft bed).

Space Required for Assembly: Add 4" to your loft bed width and length. These figures are the minimum
required for assembly of the loft bed
frame. Then, if you have a hook-on type ladder, consider that you need
an additional 15" or 9" (depending on desired angle, see above).
NOTE: Even if you don't have this
contact us for possible alternatives, as this still may work for you.

Contact us for custom sizes!
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