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Loft Bed Guardrail Height
"Guardrail Height" = Top of the mattress to the top of Guardrails. This is what keeps you from rolling out of bed.

Simple Explanation

Understand that a Guardrail Height of 5" is the minimum to conform to Consumer Product Safety Guidelines. So
then, to conform to this,
if your mattress thickness is:

- 9 1/2" or less --->
Order normally with the standard Guardrails.

- Between 9 1/2" and 12 1/2" ---> Order the Extra Guardrails, selecting the "3 inch increase".

- Between 12 1/2" and 15 1/2" ---> Order the Extra Guardrails, selecting the "6 inch increase".

- More than 15 1/2" ---> Contact us.

If you follow the above, your Guardrail Height will be at least 5". If this info is good enough for you, you may return
to the order page.To learn more, continue reading.

Determining Your Exact Guardrail Height

With the standard guardrails, your Guardrail Height will be:

[14 1/2"] -minus- [mattress thickness]    = Your Guardrail Height

If your answer is at least 5", you conform to the guidelines. However, you still might consider the Extra Guardrails
for extra security (popular for children), or a
custom Guardrail Height for any other reason.

If your answer is less than 5", or just want to add extra security or customize, see the following.

Extra Guardrails for Thicker Mattress

Yet Another Option! --> CUSTOM Guardrail Heights

If none of the above yields what you want/need, we can customize your Guardrail Height to your exact
Contact us and we'll work it out.
P.O. Box 844
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
This adds a third level of guardrails all around the
loft bed.
Choose your option of a 3" or 6"
increase in Guardrail Height.
A third level of
rails applies in both cases, but then the spacing
between the rails is adjusted to yield your
preferred increase.

And so, whatever your answer is from the
above calculation (given the standard
guardrails), simply add 3" or 6" to determine
your Guardrail Height with this modification.

Use a tape measure to visualize how this will work
for you. We suggest laying down in your mattress
to best simulate this.

Note: The Extra Guardrails add 3" or 6" to your

overall loft bed height
Loft bed with Extra Guardrails: 6" increase
shown here.
(The 3" increase looks virtually the
same, just with tighter spacing between the rails.)