Take Advantage of $80 in Total Rebates!

Rebate #1:
It's simple! Just complete our easy survey via email, send us a photo of your new loft bed, and we'll send you a
check for $60.

About this program: Digital photos may be submitted via email, or hard photos by postal mail. Your photo
and/or testimonial may be added to our website, but if you prefer not to have your photo and/or testimonial
used for any advertising purposes, please let us know. Photo/testimonial will be kept private, but rebate will still
apply. Submissions must be received within 30 days of delivery to qualify, with this exception: If you cannot
submit within the 30 day deadline (for example, if you plan to assemble at a later date), please
contact us within
the original 30 day deadline to request an extension.

Rebate #2:
Just as easy!  If you're kind enough to serve as a temporary reference for future customers, we'll send you an
additional $20 rebate. Just answer "yes" to this question in our survey.

About this program: If agreed, you allow us to provide just your email address and first name to no more than
eight prospective customers. No other personal information will be given to prospective customers. We know
you're probably as busy as we are, so all we ask is for you to serve as a reference no more than eight times
(we'll keep good track of this). This rebate must be received in conjunction with "Rebate #1" described above.

Additional Rebate Conditions: The above rebates can apply to each of a maximum of five loft beds
purchased per person, family, household, address, and per six months. Special conditions and prices may
apply for potential orders exceeding any of these limits. Please
contact us if your potential order will exceed any
of these limits to inquire about special pricing/conditions.
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